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Sherbet Treat Slides

$25.50 - $75.50

-Sizing is TRUE to fit, so please select the proper size.
-Machine washable
-High grade neoprene and polyurethane sole for quality and comfort
-Outsoles are made of 100% polyurethane...creating a firm and comfortable feel
-Swappable slide bands...the bands snap on and off of the soles, allowing you to swap in and out different bands and wash them separate from the sole.
-The interior of the band is composed of 100% polyester canvas backed with SBR neoprene for cushioning...the cushion eradicates chafing that brands of slides can often cause...the polyester canvas offers a flexible fit.
-Lightweight feel

Care Tips:
Wash slide bands in washing machine in warm water. Let the bands air dry. DO NOT dry bands in the dryer (you run the risk of wearing out of the material and it may unravel on side seams)

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