Shipping & FAQ

How long before my order arrives (COVID-19 update)?

All products are made-to-order by our designer, following our commitment to zero-waste production. Orders normally take 2-3 weeks for final production, shipping and handling and now COVID-19 proposes new delays on orders. So all order timelines are extended to 2-4 weeks. We thank you for your patience and shopping with us! 

How will I know if my product is sustainable?

Under each item description, there is a line that states whether or not this product is upcycled, sustainable, or is produced using eco-friendly methods. The Onyx Label strives to be transparent about its usage of non-sustainable and sustainable textiles. All fabrics are made using eco-friendly printing methods, however, some materials such as satin and velvet are not sustainable textiles. We are working on finding some alternatives!